April and May

It is springtime! The leaves are budding on the trees, the birds are singing songs of joy, the grass is getting greener, while lovely flowers bloom. 

For many of us, spring is a favourite time of year, a time that bring smiles to our hearts and fills us with happiness. 

The days become lighter and warmer, while tulips and lilies brighten up the flower beds - what a lovely time of year indeed! 

In spring, it is wonderful to spend more time outdoors soaking up the sunbeams by taking a stroll along the beach or visiting a vibrant green hiking path. Fresh fruit, like oranges and pears, are wonderfully suited to the outdoors and make a delicious snack; pair that with a lunch made of tasty, fresh vegetables (like a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, yellow corn kernels and tofu drizzled with your favourite dressing!) and you have hearty and nourishing food to last you the day. 

It is easier for us to eat more fresh vegetables and fruit in the springtime. 

It just happens naturally as the weather gets warmer.

Amazingly, on the hill where I live, in the last month, the snow quickly disappeared like a little miracle. One day it was snowing white snowflakes all day and the next day it was all gone! The curious thing about this yearly event is that the snow actually evaporates. While some of it turns to water, much of it evaporates up in the air, the sun and blue sky! This is a wonderful event to view from a terrace. 

Amazingly, as I was watching one morning, out of nowhere, three beautiful deer came flying up a little hill outside, so beautiful, elegant and silent. 

It always touches my heart, as I know it does many of you, to see wild animals, travelling in their domain. There are so many things in nature that bring us awe and fill our hearts with joy and gratitude, like springtime.

And here is my wish for you to enjoy the beautiful months of April and May! Try to spend as much time as you can outdoors and bask in the sunshine, green grass, birdsong and other wonderful treasures of spring! 

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