Animals Understand

Animals have very fine senses. They understand their environment much more than we realize. They immediately sense when someone is upset, happy or lonely. These fine senses, and the unconditional love they offer to both children and adults, make us feel close to many animals. In particular, children may have a close relationship with animals. Animals can be a lovely connection for children whose parents are particularly busy. With animals, they can give their love and receive it back. And, it is more than just cat and dogs, many children and teenagers also develop a bond with horses, birds and smaller animals like rabbits, hamsters too, especially when life gets difficult. For children living on a farm, they can seek comfort from sheep and cows in the barn (or even lamas and alpacas). There are many touching stories about how animals have helped large ones, and little ones alike, throughout life. As a child, it is always nice to have a dog that lovingly welcomes you upon your return with a wagging tail :-)

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