Words to You

This page about the mind is written for those of you who currently live with angst or depression. My desire is to help you to heal and strengthen your hope that there awaits a light right in front of you, despite how painful and unbearable your life is today. After living with angst and depression for many years of my life, I know all about the pain but, more importantly, the joy of being free from it.

How does one become free? I'd like to tell you how. But we all have our different paths in life, one we must find on our own. The best advice I can share is to listen to your intuition and do what feels right for you. My own mind was completely dissolved and was able to heal itself. It can also happen with your mind.

I hope my website can help you along the way, that some words can give you hope and guidance along your journey. But always listen to your inner self. All of life’s answers are already within you, we just have to listen. Meditation can sometimes help us to hear or become attuned to our inner voice. And, do not forget that, no matter how long you've been sick, you can recover from both angst and depression. Let your pain be temporary. There is a beautiful life right in front of you, waiting to be lived! 

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