Welcome to Butterfly Season, an uplifting website about life and health!

It is springtime - what a wonderful time to launch a website, when the sun is shining, flowers blooming, birds singing, nature is getting green and everything is truly awakening to new life. The warmth of spring fills many of us with smiles and happiness.

In the upcoming months, there will be new articles posted monthly on Butterfly Season. The main topics contain articles about:

Life - how to follow your dreams, love, happiness, friendships and more.

Mind - imbalances that can occur in our mind and ways to heal them.

Nutrition - natural nourishment that feeds us (in addition to food).

Kids - thoughts and tips about what young ones need to flourish and grow into joyful teenagers and adults.

Animals - the lovely souls that bring light to our hearts, including pets and wild animals.

Nature - beautiful green places on earth that rejuvenate us and fill us with joy and peacefulness.

Butterfly Season is launching this spring and will have articles on the main pages, in addition to new articles that will be created and added during the different seasons and throughout the year. 
You are welcome to visit and enjoy!

To read the monthly articles on Butterfly Nutrition, please click here.
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