Nourishing the Soul

Nutrition is always equated with the food we eat. Surprisingly, we are only fully nourished with much more than just food, like supporting our creativity and creating loving surroundings; especially things that get us in touch with our true essence and soul, like being in nature, walking on a beautiful green path and looking at a beautiful sunrise. Or doing a peaceful meditation, appreciating the sparkling eyes of a child, enjoying a beautiful soul connection with an animal, sharing time with grandchildren, seeing beauty in a garden, soaking up the sunshine and doing many other things that we love. Giving and receiving love nourishes us as much as the food we eat does. Sunshine also fills us with joy. Happiness, love and light nourish us much more than we realize.
In the link below, you can read about two wonderful experiences in life that nourish us - I hope you have experienced both!

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