About me

When we are young, we have so many dreams about all the beauty that awaits us in the coming years. My dearest dream in life was to be the mother of children. My boyfriend wanted the same. He loved me so much and wanted us to get married and create a family together. Despite how perfect everything was, it was not destined to happen. 
I had too many unprocessed experiences from my childhood. These same experiences led me to develop a deep depression when I was 18 years old, in addition to anxiety issues some years later.

My beautiful dream of a life filled with family and children was turned into many years of pain, with no opportunity to prevent it. But then, a miracle happened! After 15 years of pain, my mind started to heal, 
little by little, on its own, and life began again to make sense. 

Today, I have a wonderful life. The grief of not becoming a mother will always be with me, but there are so many other things to be thankful for - like a fresh mind, dear relationships with animals, nature walks and much, much more ...

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