A Wonderful Day

When you wake up every day, try to focus on feeling good. Fill your body with joy and happiness and welcome all the beautiful things the day will bring. When you go out in the morning, feel the warmth from the sun, notice the colourful butterflies, beautiful flowers and blue sky. Appreciate all the wonderful things you are surrounded with and that you are grateful for, like sunshine, a beautiful house, fresh fruits and green vegetables, flowers, trees or puppies playing on the lawn. Showing gratitude for the things we love grounds us in contentment.

When it is summer, take a walk to the beach and experience the sparkling azure water and the soft waves. Let yourself be mesmerized by the beauty of the day. Listen to the children laughing, happily running along the beach and walk on the pristine sand feeling the warm grains between your toes.

If it is raining, take your umbrella and go out and enjoy the diversity of weather. Enjoy the raindrops, puddles and the wonderful fresh air when the rain pauses momentarily. And when it is snowing, put on some warm clothes, a colourful cap and enjoy the beautiful white snowflakes. Go skiing or sliding - and have fun! Watch all the children delight in the snow.

Regardless of the weather, let the day be happy and bright! :-)

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