Healing Thoughts

Sometimes, when life gets difficult, it can help to take a nature walk, visit the seaside and feel the fresh ocean breeze, or to just have a peaceful moment in the garden, looking at beautiful flowers. Nature is one of the most healing places to be.

By thinking positive thoughts and reminding ourselves that all will be well, we build strength and hope. Even in times when our spirits feel low, we can be filled with energy, and know we are strong enough to get through the day - and that the situation is temporary and everything soon will be fine. 

Here are some sentences to keep close in times when you need hope and strength:
- Every morning, before the day begins, I send light to the day.
- I am filled with hope and trust.
- I am strong and capable.
- I have all the energy I need to get through the day.
- Everything goes easier than I ever imagine.
- All the people I meet are helpful and kind.
- In the evening, I easily fall asleep when I go to bed.
- I always get the rest I need.  
- I trust life and that everything is happening for my highest good.
- All is well.

In addition, if your body has something to heal:
- I am filled with beautiful, healing energy.
- My cells are healthy and fine.
- My body feels wonderful.
- I now imagine a beautiful future where all is well.

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