Good Health

Here are some nice phrases you can say to improve your health and your mood:

- I am healthy and full of energy!
- I have a strong and beautiful body.

- My mind is bright and alert.
- I am easy-going and see the humour in life.
- My surroundings are bright and supportive.

- I nourish my body with healthy and nutritious food.
- I eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
- And I drink plenty of clean, fresh water.

- I love going on nature walks.
- I enjoy spending time in nature.
- Sunlight and fresh air makes me feel good.

- I am thinking positive, uplifting thoughts.

- I always listen to my intuition and do what feels best for my body; 
I rest when I'm tired and seek peace when I need to unwind.

- I love my body and nourish it with lots of healty food and daily walks, 
full of fresh air.

- I have a wonderful and happy life.

- Positive thinking leads to better health in every way!
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