Colourful October

Autumn is such a beautiful time, when the air turns crisp and clear and the golden yellow, reddish leaves lighten up the season. From the time they sit on the trees, to the time they cover the ground, these golden leaves are wonderful for all of us, large and small, whether it be playing in or walking around this amazing colour spectrum that nature provides.

Autumn is often a quiet time and good for walking in nature, whether it is with your family on a Sunday walk in the woods with food and drink in your backpack or wandering alone on a trail. Here we can fully experience the peace and quiet that nature has to offer, 

The mountains often have clear weather and good visibility with the same beautiful autumn colours found in the lowlands. The view from the top of a mountain, over a plateau filled with the golden colours of autumn, is a stunning experience; one you will remember for a long time.

Autumn can provide many great experiences if you spend time in nature. Try walking on trails in the woods, jogging around a lake or taking a trip to the mountains, filling your precious body with the clear mountain air. See how revitalized you feel!

Enjoy this most beautiful part of year!

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