My Miracle

By thinking positive thoughts and saying positive affirmations, millions of wonderful miracles have happened in my life. I would like to share this one with you:

When I was a young student I had a dream of travelling to Australia to meet the kangaroos. The animals felt very dear to me and I would have loved to meet them in their natural habit. I looked at an Australian map and intuitively knew that I should go to Kangaroo Island, a little island in South Australia. When I further looked in a travel brochure, I found some information about the island and it was just what I had been looking for. The island was a national park with wildlife and plenty of walking trails.

My family did not believe I could travel to Australia. I was a student, without income, living up in the North, on the other side of the world. How could I even think of taking such a long trip? But I believed it! It was such a beautiful dream for me. I truly wanted to take the journey as soon as I could. In the following year, I dreamed and thought about the trip frequently - and one and a half years later, my dream came true. By saving the money I got in Christmas and birthday presents, I suddenly had enough money to take the trip. During the Christmas holidays, in the last year of my studies, I flew to Adelaide, took the ferry out to Kangaroo Island and spent five wonderful weeks on the island, meeting my beautiful kangaroos. It was so amazing to see them and experience how they trustfully came to me and ate from my hand while I was sitting on my knees. I felt, and still feel, a special connection with these animals. They will always be a part of me. In addition to the kangaroos, the island had a wide diversity of wild life, like koalas sleeping in green eucalyptus trees, cute little penguins walking on the beach and dolphins joyful playing in the ocean.

This was my first of many wonderful trips to Australia. So whatever you wish for, follow your dreams, and believe in the magnificent miracle of positive affirmations and visualizations :-)
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