Life Experiences

Some people are born happy and they always think positively about life and their future. People like this often have a bright and fulfilling life. How? By sharing the joy they feel; laughing with, and at, their surroundings and imparting a bubbly exuberance to life and those around them. They receive much positivity in response. Life is just so: what we send out, we´ll get back.

As you get older, you‘ll also learn that your dreams can be realized and that we create our own lives. By drawing attention to and concentrating on what we truly want, our dreams can come true. The first day you realize this, you´ll also be more consciously aware of your thoughts and the true rewards of choosing positive, life-generating thoughts and loving-kindness towards ourselves and others.

Just as we can experience the joy in life, we can be equally filled with sorrow the next. However much we try, life also brings with it sorrow and pain. But grief is not just sad. If we approach it and explore it, it can give us new insights and growth. By thinking that grief is a natural part of life, it´s easier to accept and live with. Life contains both joy and grief, and it is best if we can welcome and meet them both.  

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