Eating Healthy

Here are some sentences that are excellent to say if you want to nourish your body with healthy food:

- It is easy for me to eat healthy.
- I love fruit and vegetables! The colours and tastes make me happy!

- I eat foods that nourish my body and give me energy.
- Everything I eat makes me feel good.

- I love to eat food as it is made by nature, like an apple, a banana, and some nuts - or a colourful vegetable salad with legumes for lunch and dinner.

- The whole bread I eat contains lots of vitamins, minerals and fiber.
- I enjoy eating healthy food.
- I always nourish my body with the very best.
- The vegetable oils make my skin soft and fine.

- My fridge is full of colorful, vibrant vegetables!
- And on the kitchen counter, I have two bowls, one full of fresh fruit; the other with nuts.

- I always have some fruit and vegetables readily available when I come home hungry.
  In addition, I drink lots of clean, fresh water.
- The food I eat is perfect for my body - it makes me shine!

- When I go outdoors, I always have some fruit and nuts in my bag, to eat when I get hungry, 
as well as a bottle of water.
- The large proportion of fruit and vegetables in my diet makes me wonderfully well. 
My body feels light and my mood is bright and happy. 

And, best of all, by leaving out the sugar and food with fast carbohydrates, 
my blood sugar stays stabilized. It means that I no longer have the desire for sweets and chocolate. 
Like the purest, little miracle .... :-)
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