Our mind is the most precious thing we have. A healthy mind fills our life with beautiful moments of joy, peace and quiet. In addition, our mind brings us the ability to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, the sight of a beautiful flower and the sound of birds singing. It also allows us to feel the fresh scent of nature after a rainfall and the warm sun rays on our skin. Our mind can fill our lives with such an abundance of beauty - when it is healthy.

Would it not be wonderful if everyone could experience life in this way and experience the joy of the moment? Unfortunately, this is not the norm. While some people are so lucky to have a healthy mind throughout their lives, others become imbalanced and unable to feel peace and see beauty.
Most people take it for granted to have a healthy mind. For those of us who have had an imbalanced mind and have been healed, it is the greatest gift of all and something to appreciate every morning of our lives. We know that a healthy mind is one of the most precious things you can have.
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