Each phase in our lives includes a diversity of experiences. As a newborn, there is a whole world waiting for us; a world that the young approach with enthusiasm and pleasure as they grow. In childhood, the family is a child's safe haven until, as teenagers, they begin to detach themselves from their parents with a growing desire to stand on their own. Next they often begin to study and establish their own family and careers, followed by years of raising children or travelling. Next is often a period of relative ease where they experience the joy of wonderful grandchildren and retirement.

The phases of life can be very different, with constant maturing and growing along the way. Maturation occurs as you experience life, with its adversity and prosperity. While new experiences await us, something remains constant: We all continue to be the same inside. The joy of life and the ability to feel enthusiasm does not change, nor does our humor. The mind remains the same, just as young and fresh. Therefore, the elderly often experience themselves as younger than their biological years suggest. Age is something man-made that is not in harmony with the spirit and mind.

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