Nutrition for Kids

Children are growing and need the best food they can get.
On Butterfly Nutrition, you can learn about meals, like breakfast and dinner, and ideas for boxed lunches for school or picnics. You can also read about ways to serve fruits and vegetables to suit the youngest, and how birthday parties can be made healthier and more active by changing the menu and letting your kids play outdoors.

Parents' relationship with food has a big impact on a child's future food behavior. By eating healthy foods like an apple or pear for a snack and plenty of vegetables on your dinner plate, your children will also be filled with enthusiasm. In the article, Good Role Models, you can read about how you, as parents, can create the foundation for a good diet that your children will carry on in life.

Healthy food is the best food for children. Ready prepared sandwiches with healthy fillings and plenty of vegetables, grains for supper with fruit for dessert are ideal. Children need the most optimal food they can get 
with the least amount of sugar, additives and processed food. 
Homemade food is always the best. The more a food is made from scratch, 
the more nutritious it stands to be.

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