Beautiful August

August is a wonderful time to think positive thoughts. The weather is warm and pleasant and we can spend lots of time outdoors, sitting on a terrace or taking a leisurely walk in the sun. By filling your body with gratitude for all the beautiful things you have in your life, like the beautiful sunshine, fresh air and other natural gifts of nature, such as lovely birdsong, you´ll soon be filled with warmth and happiness. In addition, by thinking happy thoughts, wonderful miracles can happen before you even know it. 

Uplifting thoughts do create positive changes in our lives. Amazingly, our thoughts and feelings create our reality. Each thought we think is energy that, when chosen carefully, can create wonderful miracles in our lives. By saying positive words, you´ll immediately begin to design and consciously integrate these thoughts into your real life. Just try and see, and expect miracles to happen! :-) By repeating an uplifting sentence, like "I am happy and healthy", you´ll soon experience it as true. And notice how much better you feel (significantly!) when you – at every moment - think positively about yourself, your life and your future. Notice how quickly your body fills with happiness and light when you start thinking, believing and knowing that your dearest dreams can come true :-)

This is how we´re all meant to live; to have a fulfilling life and to realize our beautiful dreams. Life is ever-flowing, kind and abundant. The only thing we have to do is to believe the best is bound to happen and to fill our minds with uplifting and loving thoughts - and then to allow ourselves to receive the gifts, and to live our dreams. Enjoy your beautiful life! :-)

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Enjoy the wonderful month of August, when the weather is still warm and radiant. And to all of you up in the North: Enjoy picking strawberries and raspberries in your garden, plus morellos, plums, apples and pears from your trees. Or take a leisurely walk in the woods and gather some blueberries and cowberries to bring home. Enjoy and have a wonderful month!

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