Grateful Thoughts

Giving thanks leads you to your heart. By showing appreciation for all the beautiful things in your life, you expand your inner light and open your heart. By showing gratitude on a regular basis, many wonderful things will unexpectedly grace your life.

Here are some simple treasures that many of us are lucky to have; they truly fulfill and elevate our lives. Can you think of anymore?

I Am So Grateful For:
- my beautiful home
- my lovely cat and/or dog
- my pretty garden
- all the sunshine and fresh air 
- beautiful nature walks
- my wonderful children and grandchildren
- all the fun and joy we have; laughs we share
- being healthy and alive  
- all the delicious food I eat that nourishes my body
- all my dreams that come true
- my joyful life with happy friends
- my thrilling and abundant life
- all the light and beauty that awaits me in the future

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