Positive Thinking

Many years ago, I dreamed of living in nature, without having the money to realize this dream. I began visualizing how this dream would look and feel; I practiced affirmations for this miracle to happen. 
Ten years later, I was able to buy a beautiful home in my favourite hill! The hill is full of nature, with beautiful walking paths and miles of ski slopes during the wintertime.

Upon moving in, another miracle happened - only short time after settling in, a beautiful cat pranced right into my living room, through my open terrace door, her tail high in sky. My dearest dream had come true! Molly has since had a second home with me, a home where she loves to be :-) (she also moved into a house nearby mine!) After I received these gifts; a wonderful home and a beautiful cat, I could not then have imagined the other life changes that awaited me, both sad and joyful.

In springtime, five years ago, my father was diagnosed with incurable cancer. As weak as he was, the doctors did not believe he would survive the summer. He moved to my home in the hill when it happened. We both wanted him to spend the rest of his time at my home. 

Instead of growing weaker, a wonderful miracle happened and my father became stronger. Throughout this time, I experienced, firsthand, how life is more than just food; equally as important are aspects like light and good energy. By living surrounded by love, a beautiful cat that lightened up the day and green goodness of nature, he stayed with us for over a year. He eventually passed away on a beautiful summer day in July.

During the year with him, precious Molly and her antics filled us up with warmth, many smiles and happy laughter. She brightened up our days with her beautiful nature. (Photo of Molly and my father). 
By using affirmations and thinking positive thoughts, I also lightened up the day. Every morning, I visualized casting a gentle light over the day, warm and comforting, in the certainty that everything would be well. In addition, my father´s youngest sister made beautiful prayers for us. These positive thoughts and prayers helped us both and eased many situations that required strength. I have never experienced so many wonderful miracles as I did during that year. It was almost like we were surrounded with love; a beautiful caring energy that helped us along the journey.

When my father past away I lost one of my best friends. A friend who loved me, whom I could laugh with, a friend who enjoyed my writing, always had time to listen to me and just wanted my very best. Most of all I miss his wonderful humour and laughter. Still, amazingly, I do not feel overwhelmed with grief. Instead, when thinking of him, I am filled with a beautiful light and warmth inside; a deep gratitude for the last year we got to spend together. It is a most precious gift I was given. Sharing this part of his life with him, has given me a new inner light and a higher dimension to my life. Thanks to my affirmations and visualizations, years before, I was able to offer my father my wonderful home where I spent his last precious year with him, a gift that I will carry with me forever.

Positive thinking and visualization can help us in so many ways. In addition to using affirmations to get abundance; a new home, money or adventures, they can also be used to lighten up our days and help us in situations where we need strength. Most of the time, what we expect to happen, will indeed happen. Starting each morning by sending light to the day and visualizing it as happy and bright, we´ll create a pleasant day. Positive thinking is a wonderful way to create a beautiful day!

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